Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quickie 2 Wheelchair

Since I left York, South Carolina and my old wheelchair was donated to the facility where I lived for a short time before being in Piedmont Medical Center, I was officially chair-less.  Rental chairs at the hospital are not geared to the individual.

Two days ago, I received my specially adapted chair, a Quickie 2. It has power assisted wheels. When I switch on the power, two speeds are available, slow and faster.

Gabriel and Ryan helped adapt the wheel motions (I use my right hand with more force) so that it fits my needs. 

Cindy, the activity director at Mesa Manor, took me over to Mom and Gene's house yesterday for a visit and lunch.  Libby got several treats, and Mercy did also, but she spent most of the time when I was there napping inside, her usual course during the day.

Gene cooked chicken in wine for lunch, coq au vin, and we drank sangria.

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  1. That's a cool looking wheelchair. It really looks comfortable.